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I do not wish to report a non-recent incident to the police

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We understand how traumatic it is to speak out about rape and sexual assault and to report to the police. You don’t have to make a report to the police to access the services of The Ferns.

All you have to do is call the Centre to make an appointment on 0300 123 5058 – this is called ‘self-refer’.

We cannot see you unless you make an appointment but we will try to offer you an appointment as soon as we can.

Whether you talk to the police or not we can still offer you support and assist you in getting help from other services such as sexual health screening and specialist emotional counselling following trauma.


Anonymous Intelligence

If you self-refer to The Ferns, a Crisis Worker will discuss the option of us submitting anonymous intelligence with you and this will only be done with your consent. Anonymous reporting may consist of; details about where the incident took place, time/date and/or who assaulted you. We will not pass your personal details to the police when making an anonymous report unless you have given written consent.

Why report anonymously?

Any information you pass on helps the police to track patterns of crime and can help them gain a profile on an attacker that may assist other similar investigations. However, the police cannot prosecute anyone for your attack without your support. On occasions the police may ask The Ferns to contact the client who provided the information for further details. We will only contact you if you have given your consent for us to do so.