About Us

Who is at The Ferns?
We have a team of dedicated professionals; committed to providing help and support from the moment you contact us:

Crisis Workers
A Crisis Worker will be available to support you throughout your time at The Ferns.

Forensic Medical Examiner
If you choose to have a forensic medical examination, a specially trained doctor will come to the centre to see you. With your consent they may take samples for evidence.

The doctor will also aim to address any immediate health concerns.
Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA).

After your initial contact with The Ferns, your Crisis Worker will ask an ISVA to get in touch with you.

They will give practical and emotional support such as with appointments or advocating on your behalf with services and agencies if you wish.

Your ISVA can accompany you and support you through the police and court process if you are taking this route.

Specially trained Police Officer
If you decide you wish the police to be involved, then a specially trained police officer will attend The Ferns to speak to you.


In an emergency situation, if you do not feel safe, dial 999


The right people to help you

All our staff are highly skilled and trained to deal with people who have been raped or sexually assaulted. They will offer initial and ongoing support, whatever you choose to do.

Rape:Time to stop